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Hello! We are Georgia & Ilias and we welcome you to our blog. Here you will find all the information you need about restaurants, food and recipes that cover all types of food.
Our goal is to help food lovers make the ideal choices that lead to an unforgettable culinary experience.

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"Make our experience a guide to your taste journey"

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Georgia was born on an island, but she loves the city. Her desire for studies brought her to Athens, where a new journey began. As she did not know how to cook, the need for food combined with curiosity led her to look for alternatives. Thus began a new culinary experience that soon aroused her passion for food. Inevitably she decided to follow a new path in a vegan school of cooking & nutrition, alongside obstetrics. Now, she loves to cook every day, to try different flavours and to share with all of you her favourite recipes, ideas, knowledge and concerns about food.


Born in the mid-90s and a graduate of the shipbuilding department of PADA. Ilias the last years discover his interest in sharing and interacting with other people.He loves philosophy because through it he expresses and evolves as a human being. He loves food, photography, tradition, travel and especially to capture every moment of his life.

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