With Arka we will set sail for the most delicious trip!

In the Marina of Leros, overlooking the sunset and in a very romantic atmosphere we enjoyed the famous cocktails and the food of Arca-Skippers, which after 5 years is ready to sail for new adventures. And so that we do not miss any details, we quote the words of the owners of the store:


Remaining committed to our goal, which is none other than to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences for you, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Michalis Martha, one of the best chefs of modern Greek cuisine.

Having trained and worked in some of the best (with Michelin stars) restaurants in the world and with his great love for Greek cuisine, the executive chef Marthas created a unique menu that combines "modern" cuisine with local flavors and "Perfumes" of Leros. The menu will be prepared daily by Chef de Cuisine Dionysis Anastasopoulos and his team.

We have always believed in the traceability of food, that is, in "knowing where food comes from" and for this reason we carefully selected our suppliers. This year we take "a step further" creating our own vegetable garden, bringing local, fresh seasonal products directly to your table (farm to table).

Respecting the environment, we aim for a zero waste approach with a strong emphasis on waste minimization and maximizing recycling (zero waste management).

As a community that shares similar values, expectations and dreams, we decided to rename Skipper’s to Arca, which in Latin means Ark, a ship that offers protection, security and shelter for whatever we value. So let's sail together with Arka, for another unforgettable season! ”

In Arka, by the sea, we will drink and eat dishes of high gastronomy, in exciting combinations and unique flavors. What do you say, will we set sail?

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